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The last few years in Instow have seen us battered by storms and frozen in for days during the winter.  We are suffering new potholes in Anstey Way and other cracked side roads as a result.  A couple of very cold winters may be just a statistical variation so perhaps it is too early to rationally assess if this is as a result of global warming.  Neverthless it might make sense to take stock of our local situation and examine options that we have locally to address these.  Two things we have plenty of here are wind and sunshine. Is it time to capture and use some of this renewable energy on our doorstep?  Schemes have been proposed to have wind farms nearby or solar energy panels.

The options are not clear.  Probably, however,  importing gas from the Ukraine, squeezing fuel out of krill or planting swathes of biofuel grain are not the brightest or best long term solutions.

It may be that we have to think and plan more locally, grow food nearby, generate power in our own homes and communities through solar, wind or wave resources, recycle and reuse whatever we can within our communities. Principles that for the most part,  I suspect,  we are beginning to believe in and adapt to.

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climate change and how this may effect us

April 2011/2012:  During April last year in Instow we recorded sixteen days of full sun and the remainder sunny and partially cloudy.  The rainfall figures reported for this month show until 30th April there was only 3. mls rainfall which is far below the average for this period. The 31st April was characterised by a heavy thunder storm which included plenty of precipitation which immediately ran off the land.  News report indicate the rivers Taw and Torridge to be at exceptionally low levels for this time

of year. 

During April 2012 there has been higher rainfall than all other months together.